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Now, your menu can do what a PDF can’t.

The new, safe industry standard for replacing printed menus and PDFs. Beautifully designed for mobile devices.

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Get setup in minutes

Create an account for your bar or restaurant for free.

Customize your menu

Upload your logo, customize categories, display images for every dish, include nutritional info, pricing and more.

Make immediate changes

No more re-uploading PDFs. Change or remove items easily and instantly with an intuitive cloud-based interface.

Optimize your menu

Test reordering or showcasing high-margin menu items on the fly to increase your check average.

Save on menu costs

Skip reprinting paper menus and update your paperless menu anywhere, anytime.

Get 15 free table tents

After your first Basic Plan payment, you’ll receive 15 custom table tents with your QR code.

Get started for free

Sign up now to make your menu paperless in minutes. Additional plans and features are coming soon.

Basic plan

Great for companies big and small.

$ 19
/ month

Free 10-day trial

Monthly Annually (2-months free)
Get started for free
  • 1 digital menu
  • 2 printed posters
  • 15 custom table tents
  • 24/7 Online Support
  • Easy to set up & customize
  • Unique QR code
  • Translated content (coming soon)
  • User analytics (coming soon)
  • Cancel Anytime

Ready to go paperless?

Try it free for 10 days, then just $19/month.

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